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You don't have to wonder if you will have enough money to retire or to stay retired.

Starting today, there are simple and strategic steps you can take to protect and plan for a successful retirement.

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- Choose a Fiduciary Advisor -

Dwayne Burnell, MBA helps individuals, families and business owners gain financial security and independence.

As a Fiduciary, you can also be assured that Dwayne has always operated with, and continues to provide, the highest standard of financial knowledge and care for his clients - referred to as a "fiduciary" standard - always putting his clients' best interest first. 

Retirement Planning

Don't live with fear and financial worry. Planning for your future doesn’t need to be scary or filled with financial jargon. But it does have to happen.

Remember the old adage: “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

One day, your future will be your present. You might find yourself standing at the door to your retirement uncertain as to whether you have enough money to retire and stay retired.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take an important step toward financial empowerment. Dwayne can help you reach your financial goals.

Consider All Your Financial Options

It’s comforting to think that there’s a single magical solution for financial planning.

But it simply does not exist. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, needs and goals that must be considered carefully to retire well.

You have far more retirement strategies available to you than putting your money in your 401(k) (or any other qualified plan) and “hoping for the best.”

Don’t leave your retirement at risk. You don’t have to hope that it will all work out. Be sure.

Plan for Unexpected Events

How would you cope with a sudden change in your life? Can you handle a job loss, a change in your health or in the health of someone you love?

It can be scary when life throws you a curve ball and you aren’t prepared. But you can be.

Dwayne works with individuals, couples and families anywhere in the count. He helps them develop a lifelong financial strategy that is designed to manage both expected life events (such as retirement) and unexpected life events (like changes in health or the loss of a job).

With strategic retirement planning you can avoid unnecessary taxes, stock market risks and achieve control over your financial future.

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Take a moment to listen and watch Dwayne as he walks you through simple, yet highly effective, strategies that will grow your financial well-being.

Check out Dwayne's Best Selling Books

Dwayne’s two best selling books, “Financial Independence in the 21st Century,” and “A Path to Financial Peace of Mind” describe unique and uncommon strategies in the field of personal financial and retirement planning.


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You have more options and alternatives than you realize. 


Dwayne has devoted his professional career to helping people anticipate, understand and manage life's financial surprises and risks.

And he can help you too.

In this uncertain world, there are some things that shouldn't be uncertain at all. Your financial security is one of them.

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Isn't it time you stopped worrying?

Dwayne wants all his clients to enjoy a worry-free retirement.

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