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Is Your Money on the Same Team?

Is Your Money on the Same Team?

| June 08, 2018

Winning TeamEver been on a team that is working well together?

When you're on a strong team, be it a sports team or a business team, the unique gifts and strengths of the individual members contribute to the success of the whole.

We can apply this same team approach to your financial strategy.

Instead of thinking of your financial resources as isolated financial products, think of each financial product you have as a individual player on your financial team.

For example, don 't think about your bank account, 401(k), real estate, life insurance policy, certificate of deposit (or any other product) as isolated money in "separate buckets."

Instead, consider how your different financial products might actually work together to make your financial situation stronger.  When you develop a financial strategy that factors in the strengths and weaknesses of each financial product, along with your retirement values and goals, then you create a winning financial team.

You don't have to build your financial team alone. That's why I'm here. Working together we can build a strong financial strategy to help you meet your retirement goals.